“Ask if they like bondage,” the man says with a laugh.

He is Chris Hall, one of the owners of Rendezvous Club, a singles company that is hosting 100 Dates in 100 Minutes, a hefty speed-dating event, tonight at Caprice.

His advice is facetious, of course, but as someone who’s never ventured into the meat market that is the speed-dating scene, I am open to all advice on how to tackle the menu.

I tuck his nugget of wisdom away into the memory bank.

Tonight’s event will be split into three age categories — 19 to 27, 28 to 34 and 35 to 40 — where each participant will have 33 three-minute “dates.”

They will then fill out Datecards — which Rendezvous Club will use to determine matches — before bringing the dog and pony show on to the dance floor where all age groups can mingle.

Hall says that 95 per cent of participants get at least one match and that such events have produced seven marriages in four years.

“Keep it light and fun,” Hall advises. “Don’t get into things like kids and marriage.”

Bondage it is.

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