Whatever your financial goals are, chances are making more money is part of the equation. But learning about stocks and bonds, smart shopping tips or budgeting can be a little, well, dull. We hunted down three podcasts that are both helpful and entertaining. Listen while you're at the gym, commuting, cooking or cleaning and get the ultimate payoff: more money in the bank.

the money guys Learn insider tips on how to save from "The Money-Guy $how."

Best for budgeting tips: "The Money-Guy $how"


If you want to learn tricks and sneaky ways to save on things like your cable bill, grocery shopping, booking travel and more, this podcast is the one for you. Hosts Brian Preston and Bo Hanson keep the topics entertaining by working their tips into conversations about them instead of just rattling off advice.

feed the pig Get tips on tackling your debt by listing to "Feed the Pig."

Best for managing your money: "Feed the Pig"

This podcast is specifically aimed at people in their 20s and 30s, so the tips are directly applicable to your life now. The weekly episodes focus on topics such as how to tackle credit card debt, start investing or saving money to buy a home. It's basically a "get your s— together" PSA sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Ad Council — and we mean that in the best way possible. Unlike some talking heads in the money game, you'll actually understand what you're hearing and will be motivated to put their words into action.

The value Guys "The Value Guys" share straightforward investing advice.

Best for investing: "The Value Guys!"

The hosts of this podcast have been working on Wall Street for more than 30 years and work for big-time firms, but have to keep their identities under wraps so their employers don't find out. Form behind this veil of mystery comes candid advice about the best stocks to invest in. Whether you haven't started investing yet and just want to learn how to play the game or have been doing it for years, the episodes have something to offer all levels of investors.

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