For more years than anyone can remember, 3079 Danforth Ave., was a busy paint and wallpaper store.

These days, residents of Crescent Town are doing a different kind of shopping there.

The paint and tiles are gone and the building transformed into a gathering place for the community where a slew of health, social, youth and community services are all under one roof.

Located just east of Victoria Park, AccessPoint Danforth has been operating since August but celebrated its official opening a few days ago. Already, it’s becoming the heart of the community.

More than 400 people, many of whom rely on the centre’s services, attended the housewarming for the city’s second so-called community hub.

In Crescent Town, there has long been a dearth of health and social services for residents — many of them poor and newcomers.

For executive director Axelle Janczur, AccessPoint Danforth is the realization of a dream.

“It was an evolving vision,” Janczur said of the process.

“We’re responding to the needs of the community. We’re here to address the issues.”