The mystery of the poisoning of six dogs in High Park took two new twists yesterday.


Police said one of the two dogs killed was poisoned by antifreeze-drenched bread that had been left on the ground, not the antifreeze-contaminated drinking bowls that harmed the others. And, in an argument rejected as implausible by some local residents, Det. Suzanne Pinto linked the case to the “recent” discovery in the park of up to a dozen dead raccoons — two of which were “posed” after death by a human being, one “with his paws in front of him, holding a bouquet of flowers.”


“There is something obviously concerning and bizarre in the park,” Pinto said.


Eight dogs have become sick after walking there since June 16. Six of them, including the two that died, were likely poisoned by antifreeze, at least four from contaminated bowls on the park’s “Dog Hill,” Pinto said.