Serinda Swan, winner of the 2007 GUESS Watches Face to Watch Model Search:


Q What products make you feel great?

A I use an organic facial line from Hungary called Eminence.

Q Describe your style.

A I do try to stay in fashion. I have two friends who own and design a fashion line called Asluxe. When I’m in need, I just call them and get the most beautiful outfits.

Q How do you stay fit?

A I love going to pole-dancing classes. I like workouts that are physically challenging and pole dancing is exactly that. To relax, I do yoga or stretch classes.

Q What are your healthy eating habits?

A I mainly eat fresh vegetables, fish, fruit and grains. I do treat myself to my favourite Acai smoothie. I’m addicted to them!


Peter Miller, actor, plays Damon Trebuchet on CBC’s series MVP. Miller played in the CFL from 1992-97:


Q What products do you use that make you look and feel good?

A I get out of the shower and let my hair dry naturally. The key is to have the right hair cut!

Q Describe your style.

A For style I follow my instincts. If it’s comfortable and has a little “Je ne sais quoi,” then I’ll go for it. I do have a tendency to go for vintage finds.

Q How do you stay fit?

A I like to play hockey and visit the gym when I have the time.

Q How do you keep life in perspective?

A By trying to focus on the present. Also, the better organized I am, the better I feel.

Q What are some of your healthy eating habits?

A I love fruit, veggies and protein!