A 15-year-old girl is facing charges after a videotaped beating of a woman was posted online.


The arrest followed a wave of publicity around the incident after several media outlets reported the story and a classmate identified one of the suspects.


The video, which police say was reported to them by two American web users, begins with the women arguing outside a Burger King franchise on Yonge Street while young men both off and on camera shout encouragements.


As the argument escalates, the male recording the confrontation yells 'Hit that crackhead! Hit her!' and the victim lashes out with her jacket, knocking a bottle from the hand of one of the group.


The other females then attack back, knocking the victim to the ground where she tries to protect herself with her hands while the other girls kick her in the head and torso. During the assault which lasts about 30 seconds, the person holding the camera continues to record and does nothing to intervene.


Police, who are expecting to make further arrests, say they have interviewed the victim and confirmed she is not pregnant.

The suspect, who can not be named because she is under 18, is expected to appear in court Wednesday morning.