New information released from police investigators indicate one of three newborn babies found dead in a woman’s home last week may have been born in 2005.

Last Monday, three newborn babies were found dead in a Taradale home, one day after 27-year-old Harsimrat Kahlon was found dead.

Since then police have remained silent citing a need for “time” during what they call a complex and unique investigation.

“The investigation has already confirmed (she) gave birth at a Calgary hospital to a healthy baby in 2005 … tests will determine if one of the babies found dead in the home was born in 2005,” Insp. Guy Slater said.

Slater said he understands the public’s need for answers but said this investigation needs time for the scientific results to come in.

“We’re awaiting DNA results … to understand the relationship of the babies to each other, the relationship of the babies to (Kahlon) and the relationship of the babies to the common-law husband.”

Slater said the woman’s common-law husband is not considered a suspect at this time and is being cooperative with police.

“One person has all the answers and she is not here with us anymore so we have to rely on science and that takes time,” Slater added.

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