The Toronto Police Association is calling for a labour leader’s resignation over remarks about G20 summit security.

Ontario Federation of Labour president Sid Ryan was quoted in a Toronto newspaper as saying Toronto police might try to incite violence during anti-G20 protests to justify their share of the $1.3-billion security budget.

Police union head Mike McCormack calls the reported comments “idiotic, irresponsible and inflammatory” and says Ryan should resign for “defaming the police.”

Ryan told The Canadian Press Thursday that he said he hoped summit security forces would not use agent provocateurs among the demonstrators.

Ryan noted that Quebec provincial police admitted three of their officers disguised themselves as demonstrators during a protest at the North American leaders summit in Montebello, Que., in 2007.

The Canadian Labour Congress and the Ontario Federation of Labour are organizing a rally and march on June 26, which they’re billing as the largest public demonstration of the G20.

“I’m perfectly within my rights to raise that spectre” of police agents infiltrating the protests, Ryan said.

“I never suggested any particular police force would be engaged in it,” Ryan said. “I just said I hoped these tactics are not used to try to justify the massive expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars.”

McCormack is trying to “grab some headlines when in fact he’s way off base,” Ryan added.

The labour groups say they want to put a spotlight on the plight of working people who are being forgotten in the economic recovery.