An 18-year-old man received minor injuries after a pair of men masquerading as police officers attacked him, Delta police said Monday.

Delta Const. Sharlene Brooks called the impersonation “problematic” because it could jeopardize the trust necessary between officers and the public.

“It is troubling,” said Brooks. “We certainly don’t want the general public being fearful, that when stopped by a non-uniformed member, that they are in fact not police.”


Brooks said a non-uniformed police officer would always have photo identification and a police badge. Police impersonation does not happen often, she added.

The 18-year-old was walking home from a house party at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday in the 800 block of Underhill Drive when two men in an older model blue car approached.

The men said they were officers and asked if the man had drugs or alcohol. He tried to flee, but was tripped up and attacked. He suffered some bruising and a sore knee.

A short time later in the same area, a second 18-year-old man was stopped by two men who identified themselves as police.

The man was searched, but was neither attacked nor robbed.

Brooks said neither incident was reported to police until about mid-afternoon on Sunday.

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