Halifax Regional Police aren’t commenting on yesterday’s allegations of racism.

Police spokesman Const. Brian Palmeter said the force’s policy is to work solely through the Human Rights Commission’s process.

“We aren’t prepared to play this out in the media,” he said. “We’re going to work (through) the process in place that is designed to deal with such complaints.”


Palmeter said the police force has filed an official response to the human rights complaints and is waiting to see what happens next.

The HRP had to change their policies on race relations training after North Preston heavyweight boxer Kirk Johnson won a human rights complaint against the force in 2003. The force had to pay Johnson, who is black, $10,000 in damages after he alleged he was pulled over 29 times in 11 months and had his car improperly impounded.

The force was ordered to review its anti-racism and diversity training policies.

Halifax Regional Municipality Mayor Peter Kelly said yesterday at City Hall “there’s always concern” when racism allegations are raised, but added the Human Rights Commission has to deal with the complaints before the municipality can respond.

“Everybody has the right to bring issues or concerns forward," Kelly said.

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