Room made for 45 more recruits

The city will soon see more officers in the blue and black after the service launched a new streamlined training program.



The new program will drop to 20 weeks of four days a week, 10 hour days as opposed to the 25-week program of five eight-hour days the force has previously used.



Insp. Richard Hinse, commander of the recruiting unit, said the charge allows space for more recruits.

"We did an evaluation on the process and found ways to make things more efficient. The new structure will allow us to put about 50 more officers through than last year," Hinse said.

Insp. Roger Chaffin, commander of the training centre, said the primary change was freeing up a Monday or Friday a week for other training, such as firearms or driving.

"The changes will not only enable us to meet our capacity targets, but they will allow the service to get our new recruits hired and out onto the street more effectively and efficiently than we have been in the past," Chaffin said.


  • The police trained 180 officers last year and plans on training 225 this year towards the two-year goal of 500 new officers.