Two youths driving a stolen vehicle led police to a gruesome discovery yesterday morning, after officers arrived at the rightful owner’s property and stumbled upon two dead bodies.

Strathcona County RCMP and forensic teams scoured the rural property yesterday. A man’s body was found outside a trailer on Range Road 214 near Township Road 530 around 5 a.m. A woman’s body was found inside one of two trailers on the rental property.

Mounties on scene could not verify the names, ages, or cause of death yesterday, but did say there was blood on scene and the case was being treated as homicide.

Two male teenagers were found driving the stolen white 2006 Ford pickup truck in north Edmonton Sunday night. Records indicate the owner of the vehicle lives at the address where the bodies were discovered.

“There’s a link to the scene here,” said Cpl. Darren Anderson, standing outside the driveway of the property. “But what connection the youth had, we don’t know.”

Shocked neighbour Alec Babich said a woman named Susan lived in one of the trailers, rented from a man named Barry, believed to be the owner of the white truck.