Halifax RCMP have issued an Internet fraud warning to anyone buying and selling items on websites.

Police say a victim recently placed several watches and a camera up for sale on a website and agreed to sell them for a set price. The suspect buying the items suggested using PayPal to make the payment, with the victim then receiving an e-mail they thought was from the online payment service.

It said the money had been received, but they would only deposit the funds into her account after she provided them with the tracking number showing the items were shipped.


The package was then shipped with a tracking number to an address in Lagos, Nigeria. When the victim didn’t see the funds in her account, she contacted PayPal and was informed they hadn’t received any funds and they didn’t send her any e-mails.

Police are advising the public to contact PayPal or any other payment service through a separate e-mail or by phone to ensure the money has been deposited before shipping sold items.

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