Three Ottawa men have been arrested after a search netted more than $240,000 in drugs and cash.

In late February police started a cocaine trafficking investigation with an apartment on Baseline Road being of particular interest.

Police say officers were able to identify the head of the operation as well as a number of other persons who worked for him for the purposes of trafficking drugs.


During a search of the apartment this week, officers found an abundance of marijuana, hashish, cocaine and a large amount of magic mushrooms.

Three Ottawa men have been charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking. One of the men also faces a charge of possession of proceeds of crime.

The following was seized in the search:
Marijuana — 2,243 grams — $33,657
Hashish — 1,795 grams — $26,935
Cocaine — 601 grams — $60,190
Psilocybin — 6,813 grams — $102,205
Canadian currency — $17,425