Fourteen people were arrested after several fights broke out Friday afternoon at Auburn Drive High School in Cole Harbour.

According to Cpl. Joe Taplin of the RCMP, a fight broke out in the school between two students at 12:55 p.m. Staff separated the students and they were taken to the office.

A few minutes later however, the fire alarm was pulled and all of the school’s students were evacuated to the soccer field where other fights broke out.


“There wasn’t a huge number involved — there are 1,100 students at the school,” Taplin said of the outside melee. “It was a very minimal number of students who were involved in the fights, but a lot were looking and watching.”

RCMP responded to the scene first, and later called Halifax Regional Police for backup. While trying to break up the fights, Taplin said two police officers were assaulted.

“I can’t get into details of (what happened to them) because it’s all evidence now,” Taplin said. “But two males and two females were arrested and are facing charges of assaulting a police officer.”

Another 10 students were arrested for causing a disturbance and breaching the peace.

Police are continuing to investigate to see what caused the fights, and whether the one, which took place inside the school, is related to the ones which took place outside.

Taplin also hopes video surveillance at the school will determine who pulled the fire alarm.

“There could be pretty serious charges relating to that,” Taplin said about whoever pulled the alarm. “They could almost be charged with inciting a riot.”

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