Force facing $10M in budget cuts

The Toronto police service pays out $35 million a year in “premium pay’’ — overtime — to its 5,510 officers in uniform and that expenditure, along with support staff and programs, is up for review.


But police services board chair Alok Mukherjee and Chief Bill Blair say they’re committed to ensuring the uniformed ranks are spared the axe.


“It’s my intention to maintain staffing levels,” Blair said last night, adding that increasing officers has reduced crime and violence.


Blair, who was to meet with senior staff this morning to start going over the budget line by line, refused to speculate on what could be cut, given 93 per cent of the force’s $785-million budget goes to salary. But Mukherjee said the $35 million in overtime “will need to be looked at to see if there’s money to be saved.”


Financial problems

  • City manager Shirley Hoy asked emergency services, which includes fire, ambulance and police, to make $25 million to $30 million in cuts in light of the city’s financial woes. That means about $10 million in budget reductions for the police.