More of a police presence in the city’s beleaguered 911 operations centre may be coming down the pipe, according to city officials.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier confirmed he’s been in talks with police Chief Rick Hanson regarding yesterday’s review into four recent 911 calls and their mishandling.

“911 centre operators do a fantastic job, but seeing four incidents that caused concern, we want to make sure our operators have the utmost training,” Bronconnier said.

A review into operations will call for more of a police presence at the centre, though how that will be conducted hasn’t been determined yet. The review was ordered by the mayor earlier this month.

“911 is invaluable … and we can’t have anyone second guess the system and we can’t have operators second guessing themselves, and if they need resources let’s get it there.”

Police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell said while the details will be determined, there could be a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week officer presence at the call centre to provide knowledge and assist with the “low-frequency, high-risk” phone calls.

Public Safety Communications spokesperson Steve Dongworth said they will reserve comment until a press conference this afternoon.

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