When Doug Wilchynski saw the window next to him shatter and what appeared to be a pellet lying on the floor of the LRT train he was riding on Monday night, he assumed he was in for at least an hour of questioning.

Instead, the visitor from Vancouver said he answered a few questions from transit peace officers, was given a transfer and sent on his way.

Wilchynski said that a pellet went through the window as the train was rolling into the Coliseum station at about 9:30 p.m. He said he tried to pick up the object, which landed in the middle of the train, but it was too hot and he dropped it into a crack by the doors.

When the train pulled into the station, Wilchynski said he was led off by three officers who questioned him momentarily and sent him away on the next train.

Wilchynski said none of the other passengers on the full LRT were questioned and the train left as scheduled.

“I’m from Vancouver, if people take shots at SkyTrain, they get caught,” Wilchynski said.
“It really surprised me that there was no response at all.”

Patricia Dickson, an Edmonton Transit spokesperson, said a window was shattered but officers didn’t recover whatever caused the damage.

“They investigated but couldn’t find a projectile,” Dickson said. “They haven’t stated what it was that went through the window, just that it was shattered.”

The case file was passed over to Edmonton Police Service for further investigation, according to Dickson.

Wilchynski said that the driver of the train showed concern and asked the passengers if they were OK before leaving the station.

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