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Det.-Sgt. Edward Dzingala, right, speaks yesterday as police show off some of the $5 million worth of counterfeit goods seized during a weekend raid. Lawyer Lorne Lipkus looks on.

Toronto police believe they’ve arrested "one of the big fish" in the city’s counterfeit goods market.

Investigators raided a North York home Thursday morning, seizing thousands of knock-off designer handbags, wallets and jewelry.

In total, 51,357 fakes, including Louis Vuitton bracelets, Playboy bunny tongue rings, Tiffany earrings and Chanel purses, were seized. Police confiscated $804,930 in cash from the Don Mills Road-Van Horne Avenue area home.

"I can tell you that this seizure is the largest seizure of counterfeit jewelry in Canadian history, to my knowledge," said Lorne Lipkus, whose law firm worked closely with police.

Fu-Ten Huang, 65, faces various charges.

retail value

  • If sold at retail value, investigators believe the merchandise would be worth between $5 million and $7 million, although most items were likely sold for less than $20.

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