A Toronto veterinarian says he awoke around 4 a.m. Saturday to the sight of a gun pointed at him by a black-clad police officer standing at the foot of his bed.

Then, says John Booth, he was told to keep his hands visible and to produce identification, asked questions about a man named Peter he had never met, detained on his lawn in handcuffs for half an hour, and informed he would be charged with the crime of conspiracy to commit mischief — before being released by apologetic officers who belatedly realized he had no connection with the alleged anarchist organizer they were seeking.

“There was a gun in my face. I’ll never forget that,” said Booth, 30, of an incident he and his wife described as exasperating, traumatic, and at moments terrifying.

The officers, Booth said, were apparently unaware that his three-storey High Park-area house is split into two apartments. Booth, a vet at the Richview Animal Hospital, lives in the upper apartment with his wife and their son. Organizers with the Toronto Community Mobilization Network, which is assisting G20 protest groups, live in the lower apartment.

The TCMN organizers were hosting several other activists. Peter Hopperton, described by police as a leader with the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance and by TCMN as “an organizer of G20 Childcare as well as other community projects,” was one of them.

Hopperton was arrested Saturday morning and brought onto the lawn with Booth.

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