Police said Thursday they may never be able to fully explain why a quiet taxi driver shot dead 12 people in the scenic Lake District, in Britain’s worst gun rampage for years.


Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain already had some of the toughest gun control laws in the world and there should not be a knee-jerk response to the tragedy.


Derrick Bird’s shooting spree on Wednesday through sleepy towns and villages in one of Britain’s top tourist spots stunned the country and left authorities struggling to find answers.


The 52-year-old, later found dead in the remote Eskdale valley after apparently turning one of his guns on himself, seemed to know some of his victims while others appeared to have been strangers, shot dead at random during a three-hour rampage.

Eleven people suffered injuries. Police said more than 100 detectives were now piecing together Bird’s trail with evidence scattered across 30 different crime scenes.