RCMP are searching for two men who spread phony $100 bills to three businesses in the Cole Harbour area earlier this week.

Police got their first complaint Tuesday night. RCMP Cpl. Joe Taplin said the bills bear the serial number JE9082711, and look like they’ve been printed with a laser printer, then washed to give them a used look.

“The shop owners really check them quite closely now,” Taplin said.


He said counterfeit bills should be easy to spot. Check them against a second bill; counterfeit bills don’t have the same raised ink on them. They also look different under police ultraviolet light.

The suspects are black men, 18 to 25, five-foot-nine, 150 pounds. Both wore black hoodies and pants. If you have information, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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