Just days after charges were dropped or settled in 73 G20-related cases, Toronto police are appealing for the public’s help to track down the “worst of the worst offenders.”

“These are the most prolific individuals in terms of damage done to the city,” Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux said at police headquarters Thursday.

Giroux is confident any charges laid against these individuals won’t be dropped because police have a massive amount of photographic evidence — about 28,000 still images and as many as 600 videos.

Twenty people have already been arrested by Giroux’s team since the G20 summit in late June. They face a total of 60 charges.

Two of the most violent suspects are believed to be from New York.

A Toronto detective embedded with the New York City police department and an officer stationed with U.S. border guards are helping investigators track down the pair, who “are single-handedly responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage,” Giroux said.

“Their agenda was to come here and not protest peacefully, but deliberately to damage then very calmly return to the United States.”