Calgary police netted a cache of guns, including a machine gun-style firearm, after a five-day operation into an alleged weapons trafficking ring this week.

Police scored the supply of 16 guns and a 2004 Audi A4 on Tuesday after initially viewing a “machine-gun firearm sale” in the 0-100 block of Heritage Gate SE, which led them to a house in Edgemont where they found more weapons.

Police found a 9-mm semi-automatic machine gun, two shotguns, several handguns, over 260 rounds of ammunition and two flare pistols, among other weapons.

Organized crime Det. Gord Eiriksson said a tip earlier in June alerted police to the alleged weapon trafficking ring.

“We’re seeing more and more of the machine gun-style weapon,” Eiriksson said, adding the serial numbers were scratched out. “Obviously (the guns) we’re going somewhere.”

While investigators don’t believe the arrests and seizure were gang-related, they are looking for connections to organized crime.

“Obviously that amount and type of guns are concerning,” he added.

Police Chief Rick Hanson applauded the seizure but said there’s still work to do.

“The reality is, guns continue to be an issue, and we’d be foolish to think that they’re not an issue. The vast majority are illegal, they’re not registered, they’re not possessed by law-abiding citizens,” Hanson said.

Four people face 104 charges in connection with the seizure and one person is known to police.

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