A total of 13 people were involved or witnesses to the fight in which Benjamin Hare was killed last week, Truro police say.

But as to whether anyone other than Dustan Joseph Preeper will be charged is still to be determined through the ongoing investigation, Staff Sgt. Randy MacKenzie said Wednesday.

“It’s still quite early (in the process),” he said.

“I can’t speculate, but if we get the information that there are further offences, then we will pursue those as we get the information and process that.”

Preeper, 22, of Noel, is charged with second-degree murder following Hare’s death early last Thursday morning.

Hare, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene when police were called out to a fight at 67 Lyman St.

MacKenzie said Preeper was the only one charged so far because “that’s the information that we’ve gleaned up to this point from interviewing witnesses.”

Dustan Joseph Preeper is charged with second-degree murder in last week’s death.

• Acquittal On June 1, Preeper was acquitted of several charges related to a knife-wounding from last fall involving Hare’s younger brother Denver.

• Invasion In 2007, Preeper received a two-year (less one day) conditional sentence for participating in a home invasion in which a Bible Hill man was beaten by a gang of young people.

• Bail Preeper remains in custody and is set to return to provincial court next week for a bail hearing.

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