TORONTO - Toronto police had to use a Taser this morning to subdue a deer that had wandered into the downtown core.

The deer, estimated to be about 90 kilograms and two to three years old, had rested amid small bushes beside a building for about four hours. Officers used a tranquilizer gun to subdue the animal, but Const. Tony Vella says that didn't work, so they used a Taser.

The deer was then hauled into the back of an animal control van and taken away to be checked by a veterinarian.

Police could not say where the deer had come from, but it had earlier been spotted several blocks south, near Union Station.

The animal had nestled among some small bushes near University Ave. and Dundas St. W. and a Greyhound bus station.

"We first tried to tranquilize the animal (but) unfortunately, that was not successful, then we went to the second option of Tasering," said Vella.

"I'm happy to say the animal is fine, it's under control and it will be alive - that's not an issue. The main thing is no one was hurt."

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