Carlos Osorio/Torstar News Service


David Rivard, right, executive director of the Children’s Aid Society, and Det. Keith Moxley address the media yesterday at a news conference at police headquarters about a baby who was left in a frigid stairwell at a north Toronto shopping plaza Wednesday afternoon.


Police still don’t know who she is, where she came from or why she was left face down and bleeding on the cold concrete of an outdoor stairwell.

Almost two days after an infant was abandoned in a north Toronto parking lot, members of the public have called with various tips — most about a car caught on video dropping off the baby or about seeing the little girl here or there. But not one family member has contacted authorities.

The child, believed to be eight months old, was rescued Wednesday afternoon from an enclosed but frigid stairwell at the north end of an empty, second-floor parking lot at the Finch and Leslie Square shopping plaza.

While police won’t elaborate on how they will try to identify the girl without relatives or acquaintances, they do have some techniques and tips, they said.