Hoping to clear up some of the waiting time when reporting crime, city cops are reminding Calgarians about a new online reporting initiative.


The newly launched Citizen Online Report System allows Calgarians to report certain crimes online instead of at a police station.


In a recent police survey, 79 per cent of people said they would be more likely to report a crime online.
“We recognize that reporting crimes can sometimes take time in lines and what we’re trying to do is make it easier for people to do so,” police communications manager Kevin Brookwell told Metro.


Brookwell said by allowing people to report crimes under $1,500 online, it eases wait times.


And 22-year-old Dana Howe knows all too well how inconvenient it can be to report a car break-in — she has had three of them in the last year.

“I never reported them because it takes so much time to go to the police station and fill out a report, and I don’t think they’d find the person anyways,” she said. “I would totally report it online though. It seems a lot quicker and more convenient.”

Go to www.calgarypolice.ca and follow the online report link for more information or to report a crime.