Approximately 30 needles that police say were clearly used for drugs were found in an Eastside New Glasgow neighbourhood last Thursday.

Const. Ken MacDonald says this is the largest quantity of needles that have been discovered so far this year.

“This is the time of year when needles show up as the snow melts, but usually it’s only one or two here and there,” MacDonald said. “We’ve had calls with people finding them on the streets and in playgrounds.”


The needles were discovered by a child in a residential neighbourhood, he said, and a parent called the police about them.

That’s exactly the right thing to do in this type of situation, MacDonald said.

“Parents really need to talk to their kids and tell them not to touch needles, other drug paraphernalia or empty pill bottles,” he said. “They shouldn’t be picking them up, they should be going home and telling their parents about them.”

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