Edmonton city council has voted down a proposed referendum in the upcoming October municipal election concerning a proposed 21 per cent pay increase.

The Tuesday vote came after the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation presented a 2,700-name petition to council against the proposed hike and Scott Hennig, Alberta Director of the federation, says the public was duped.

“Last year a committee of individuals — hand-picked by city council — were chosen to do a compensation review. They submitted their findings (which said) only two of the 68 comments they received were in favour of council (receiving) a pay increase,” said Hennig.


“We launched a petition to speak to this issue and presented it to councillor Mike Nickel, who was the only councillor to vote against the referendum.”

Hennig said the regular process for review of submissions would be for the vote to have occurred on September 11, but the vote happened unexpectedly. “I’m surprised that it went ahead the way it did,” said Hennig.

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