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Donald Trump listens as Hillary Clinton answers a question during their debate in St. Louis, October 2016. Photo: Reuters

More Hillary Clinton voters regret casting their ballot for the “What Happened” author than those who voted for President Trump, according to a new national Politico/Morning Consult survey.

"Among Clinton voters, 13 percent say they would either vote for a different candidate or not vote at all," the survey says. The percentage for Trump voters is four points lower.

Hillary Clinton “What Happened” book tour might be hurting her.

From blaming Bernie Bros to saying white women voted for Donald Trump because they did what their husbands told them to do, some say Clinton’s book tour is turning into a tour of sour grapes.


Guy Benson wrote for Town Hall:

“The more she talks, the less popular she becomes. It's not necessarily all that surprising that there would be more agita and recriminations on the losing side of a major campaign, but we've been told endlessly that Trump is so uniquely terrible that it would stand to reason that feelings of horror and regret would be fairly prevalent among casual voters. Nope. … None of this will sit well with the failed candidate, who has written a tendentious, blame-filled account of the race in ‘What Happened.’  In a passage that perfectly encapsulates her sneering entitlement and undying arrogance, Clinton writes that she's unwilling to grant "absolution" -- her word! -- to those who might regret their choices (content warning in the tweet):”

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Weekly Standard writer Mark Hemingway tweeted, “Does the fact that I think women are capable of making decisions independently make me a bigger feminist than Hillary Clinton?”

Allahpundit wrote for Hot Air:

"A non-sociopath approached by apologetic supporters after a tough loss would think 'How sweet of them to extend their well wishes' or 'I should have done more to get these people excited to turn out' or 'Did I really not visit Wisconsin once?' But here we are."

Sam Kriss, writing for Huffington Post, seemed to take more offense to the actual writing:

“You can play a dire game with What Happened. Call it the $20 Million Game. Open the book to a random page and remember that Clinton sold her last book for an advance of $14 million, and then consider that the figure for this one is probably even higher. ‘You could say my campaign started with a snappy internet video … but I think it started with something a lot more ordinary: a Chipotle burrito bowl.’ Twenty million dollars. A monstrously mangled idiom: ‘Never wrestle a pig in the mud. They have cloven hooves, which give them superior traction.’ Twenty million dollars. A description of something called alternate nostril breathing: ‘This practice allows oxygen to activate both the right side of the brain, which is the source of your creativity and imagination, and the left side, which controls reason and logic.’ Twenty million dollars. And a double whammy of artless literary allusion, in response to some early idiocy of Trump’s: ‘The episode was silly, but also an early warning: we were in a “brave new world.”’ Line break. ‘If the inauguration on Friday was the worst of times, Saturday turned out to be the best of times.’ Twenty million dollars.”

Hillary Clinton defenders still support her campaign, which is what Clinton wants America to do, according to critics.

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