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These days, every photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is evaluated for hotness and/or cuteness. Most are said to "rock the internet" within hours of release. His shirtless photobombing. One of the greatest butts mankind has ever seen. A supercute bromance between him and new French President Emmanuel Macron. Evidence of an occasionally topless youth. Squeeee!

It seems that the stakes have been raised, and today it was revealed that Trudeau is up to the challenge. The prime minister met Gary the Unicorn, a puppet character from CBC Kids, and hugged him. Tight. For a while. And smiled. Then said, "I'm going to do what I want to do all the time when I meet people, [which] is give them the biggest, squeeziest hug that I can."

Justin Trudeau and Gary the Unicorn

Justin Trudeau and Gary the Unicorn


Godyesplease, said observers who had not fainted immediately.

"I'm never going to wash my sweater again," replied Gary.


But not all reviews of the walking, talking marital aid's appearance were positive.

"This puppet propaganda stands as Trudeau's most in-depth interview with the CBC since Mansbridge's ‘special access’ in 2015," wrote a Twitter user named Pundit Class.

But a deeper look revealed that the account holder might have some issues with paranoia.

Recently, Gary has also invited Canadian author Margaret Atwood, author of the dystopian nightmare "A Handmaid's Tale," to his Hug Club.


(But Gary's segment isn't as subversive as that might appear: Atwood has written a children's book called "Wandering Wenda," about a girl's attempt to find her parents.)

If you haven't seen Trudeau's butt shot that temporarily saved the world, here it is:


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