The pomegranate is considered one of the sexiest foods on earth, symbolizing love, sex, fertility and health. For centuries, this rich red fruit has been considered a powerful aphrodisiac, used as an erotic aid in the Kama Sutra and is considered by many to have been the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden.


PAMA pomegranate liquer

So if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day late, or just want to spice up your love life with cocktails this weekend, give these recipes a try.

PAMA Pillow Talk.

PAMA Pillow Talk


  • 1 oz. PAMA pomegranate liqueur

  • 1 oz. Orange liqueur

  • 1 oz. Fresh orange juice

  • 3 oz. Champagne or sparkling wine


  • Assemble first three ingredients in cocktail glass with ice. Slowly pour in champagne while stirring very gently to retain the bubbles and chill the mixture. Strain into champagne flute and garnish with orange zest.

PAMA Love Potion.

PAMA Love Potion


  • 1 1/2 oz. PAMA pomegranate liqueur

  • 1 oz. Navan

  • 2 oz. Fresh pineapple juice


  • Marinate mixed berries and Grand Marnier and super fine sugar for four hours. Combine PAMA pomegranate liqueur, pineapple juice and Navan into mixing glass. Shake with ice. Spoon 6-8 berries into bottom of a chilled glass. Strain ingredients gently over berries. Garnish with strawberry.