Toronto designer Andrea Dixon’s dazzling accessories offer a burst of retro sweetness to any outfit.


From lavish, bridal-inspired headpieces to old-fashioned pocket squares and ties with Liberty of London prints, Dixon’s accessory line Pomp and Ceremony boasts retro sensibilities with a post-modern edge.


“Quite a few years ago, I inherited some items from one of my grandmothers,” explains Dixon. “She was stylish and elegant, but never in a fussy way. I can now appreciate how the women in my grandmother’s and mother’s generations made a few special accessories work (to make) them feel confident and look great.”


The first accessory that Dixon ever designed was a fabric necklace. “(It was) bib-style – hundreds of individually sewn fabric florets. It took forever! I still do it the same way but have become much more efficient in the process.”

Pomp and Ceremony — the small business — was born when Dixon walked into Toronto store Model Citizen with her wares and owner Julian Finkel ordered a bucket-load of her accessories on the spot.

“It was thrilling,” Dixon says. “I had to come up with a name quickly… the words peonies, pageantry, my English grandmother Penelope and her stash of ‘80s Tatler magazines worked their way into (the name) Pomp and Ceremony.”