Halloween is the only time of year when it’s acceptable to dress like Lady Gaga, so we say throw your sense of taste to the winds and let loose. Whether you craft your costume from scratch or buy it pre-made, here are some suggestions from the zeitgeist and the 2011 Value Village Halloween Shopping Survey to help get your creative juices flowing:

Classics revisited

Movies in 2011 are crawling with some serious Halloween costume fodder. Moviemakers this year had a field day with pirates, vampires, wizards, mutants and robots. Watch for twists on these classic costumes, inspired by top-grossing franchises released this year including Pirates of the Caribbean, True Blood, Twilight, Harry Potter, X-Men, and Transformers. New versions of kids’ classics Winnie the Pooh, The Smurfs and The Muppets will also be popular choices for all ages.

Reality TV

Watch costume stores this year for sparkly Dancing With the Stars garb, and, as fascination with Jersey Shore shows no signs of slowing, a rash of leopard print and Snookie wigs as well as gold chains plus ab-bearing tank tops á la The Situation.


On the sci-fi/fantasy front, expect futuristic Green Lantern and Tron bodysuits.


Vintage looks

Or take advantage of the popular sexy mid-century looks that have seeped into TV and fashion this fall. You will probably partake in a glass of witch’s brew with more than a few impeccably dressed Don Drapers and Joan Holloways a la Mad Men, or alongside ’60s air hostesses channelling Christina Ricci’s new show, Pan Am.

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