Klas Åhlund, Kleerup, Diplo, Savage Skulls and Snoop Dogg — are among the people who have collaborated with Robyn on the new record Body Talk pt.2.

“I think Body Talk pt.2 is a continuation of the first record,” she says.

Three albums in a year, that was Robyn’s plan when she released Body Talk pt.1 in June. Now the plans may have changed — she has just started writing songs for Body Talk pt.3.

She says: “This is an experiment and a new way of working, not an attempt to set a new world record in releasing the most records in year.”

The earlier record in the trilogy also involves Kleerup, Klas Åhlund and Patrik Berger, who co-wrote the hit Dancing on my own.

“The fun thing about working this way is that I’m much more present in the process and it becomes a lot more inclusive.

“I’m in the studio and meet people and those meetings may result in collaborations, but that’s not something I know for sure because there aren’t any finished songs for the third album yet.”

After these three records, will there be another five years before we hear from you?
“No. That’s the idea, that it’s not meant to do that. My idea is to continue working like this – short tours and making music – but I don’t know what that will mean, or whether the next album will come next year. I’ll just keep making music and then we’ll see.”

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