Posh gears up for new direction in denim/sunglasses





Victoria Beckham with her line of denim and sunglasses in Toronto this week.


Victoria Beckham is dabbing at her left eye with a dark-polished fingernail.

“It is my last day as a Spice Girl,” the singer-turned-designer acknowledged recently at Holt Renfrew’s Bloor St. store as she made an appearance to promote her new line of denim and sunglasses.

“It’s been so much fun being a Spice Girl and I’ve loved every minute of it. The support we’ve had from fans has been great... But it’s been tough as well because fashion is my passion, not music.”

That passion was shared this week with a handful of Holt Renfrew’s top customers — who were invited to mingle with the star in the private shopping suites.

Customers who made purchases from Beckham’s dvb collection were fast-tracked to a separate queue ensuring they met Beckham. Before that, she sat down with fashion media, convincing them that despite the fact she hasn’t been to design school and can’t draw, she is serious about her new career.

“I’m very aware of people’s preconceptions that I’m a pop star married to a soccer player. So for me to make it in the fashion industry it’s not been easy. I’ve got a long way to go fashion-wise. But I’m breaking those barriers.

“I’m not just a celebrity with a licensing deal,” Beckham emphasized, her slim legs clad in skinny jeans with holes in the knees. She says that she worked hard to make sure those holes look authentic and not contrived.

“There isn’t a single rivet or button that goes on a pair of jeans that I haven’t designed or tested myself. I go to the factories and I come out with blue hands.”

Those factories are in Winnipeg and owned by Western Glove Works, an 87-year-old denim-manufacturing firm.

“They are a wonderful company to be working with,” Beckham raves. “Their quality and attention to detail are great. And I love that they are a family business.”

There are 13 styles in the dvb jeans collection and 11 styles of sunglasses. Prices start at $175 for denim shorts and jeans start at $240. The oversized sunglasses are around $250.