Well here we are at the holiday home stretch. Thanks to my wife’s expertise in the kitchen — and the central location of the Rockwell mansion — we tend to play host for the big family feast and what seems like a never-ending stream of well wishers.

They all arrive thirsty so finding drinkable wine options that lets you pour like Santa, even though you’ve spent like Scrooge, is every host’s Christmas wish. Since trying to appeal to a variety of personal preferences is never easy, I recommend going with a bright, fruity red and a fresh, dry white with an eye on larger format bottles to save a few bucks.

An Aussie shiraz is the quintessential cocktail red (meaning it shines without food) with Lindemans 2008 Bin 50 Shiraz (1500 ml, $22.95 - $24.99) a jammy mix of black raspberry, red licorice and a lingering touch of pepper spice.

For a crisp, straightforward white, think Italy and Fontana di Papa’s 2008 Colli Albani (1000 ml, $8.35 - $10.79): a classic bargain blend of malvasia and trebbiano that’s ripe with refreshing green fruit and tastes best served ice cold right out of the fridge.