A group of anti-poverty activists won bail Thursday after being held overnight following a brief occupation of Ontario Liberal Party offices in downtown Toronto.

The six women and three men had been led into the College Park courtroom handcuffed together, looking tired and rumpled but smiling at supporters and family.

Only about 50 supporters were able to fit into the courtroom; the remainder had to wait in the hallway.

All were charged with mischief to interfere with property and forcible entry and released on $1,000 surety with various conditions.

Out of “an abundance of caution,” prosecutor Mike Callaghan included a condition that none could attend an unlawful protest.

Activists ignored signs preventing unauthorized people from entering the Liberal office, unfurled a banner and refused to leave, he said.

Government staff were put in a sort of “lockdown” in their offices out of fear violence could erupt, said Callaghan.

All are back in court Aug 30.

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