Will help new green-energy projects in T.O.

Toronto city council is peeling back a layer of red tape that has delayed or halted the development of small green-energy projects throughout the municipality.



Its approach: Create a new bylaw that overrides other bylaws.


Forty-three existing zoning bylaws currently make it illegal for anyone to generate electricity and then sell that power onto the provincial grid, creating a major hurdle for Torontonians wanting to take part in the province’s "standard offer" programs.

The Ontario Power Authority created the programs — one for renewable energy projects and one for low-emission "clean" energy projects — as part of an effort to reduce the province’s dependence on fossil fuel power generation. They’re the only programs of their kind in North America.

moving forward on climate plan

  • The rules discourage renewable projects at a time when the province wants to promote green power and when the city is trying to move forward on a comprehensive climate plan.