Plans scrapped due to opposition

A power line project that would have endangered a Lower Mainland river was axed yesterday after overwhelming opposition from the public, some First Nations and parks staff.



Environment minister Barry Penner said the plan didn’t meet the criteria set forth in the Provincial Park Boundary Adjustment Policy, nor did it have enough support from the public.



Run of River Incorporated hoped to string a power line through Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park and build seven hydroelectric generating projects in the Upper Pitt.

On Tuesday, more than 1,000 people filled Pitt Meadows secondary school to condemn the project, saying the power plants would destroy fish stocks and transmission lines would be an eyesore.

Mark Angelo, Rivers Chair for the Outdoor Council of B.C., said the public outcry highlights the extent to which British Columbians value wildlife.

"We had over 1,000 people (on Tuesday) and we were still turning people away," he said.

The project’s expected environmental impact put it on top of the council’s list of the most endangered rivers in B.C.

still cautious

  • Angelo said it’s premature to say if the announcement has knocked the Upper Pitt off the council’s list. "We still have to see if the proponent chooses to pursue an alternative route for the power line. Until then we’re going to remain a bit cautious."