Scotia Power does not plan to request an increase in base electricity rates
for 2010.

know price stability is important to our customers and providing this
information now will help them make plans for the next year,” said Rob
Bennett, president and CEO. “As always, Nova Scotia
Power is doing everything we can to control costs and manage our
business within the base rates that have been approved by our


World commodity prices provide reason for optimism
that no upward adjustment in rates would occur in 2010 through the new
Fuel Adjustment Mechanism,
Bennett said in a release.

in world commodity markets means many things can happen between now and
the end of the year and while there are no guarantees, we are
encouraged by the trend on fuel prices, especially for coal, in the
early part of 2009,” Bennett said.

He noted the decision has no impact on Nova Scotia Power’s commitment to
improve reliability. Work on reliability initiatives is already under

“Significant additional investment for tree trimming and other
reliability-related work is occurring this year.”

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