MONTREAL - Celine Dion's pregnancy has failed - but she's vowed to keep trying for a second child with the help of fertility treatments.

A spokeswoman for the pop star confirmed Wednesday that Dion's pregnancy, which she announced in August, was unsuccessful.

While rumours have circulated that Dion's in-vitro pregnancy didn't take, her husband Rene Angelil confirmed it for the first time this week in an interview with a Montreal newspaper.

About 10 days after announcing their second pregnancy, Angelil said the couple learned the fertility treatment had failed.

They tried again last month with no success and are planning a third attempt at the same New York fertility clinic this weekend, he said.

"We are experiencing the reality for the majority of couples who are forced to resort to these techniques," Angelil told Le Journal de Montreal.

"Last August, Dr. Zev Rosenwaks thought that the pregnancy went well. That was not the case."

Angelil said he and Dion are disappointed but determined, and that they take comfort in the fact they already have one child.

Eight-year-old Rene-Charles was also born through in-vitro fertilization.

At the time, Dion spoke of a second frozen embryo that might one day become his sibling.

Dion, 41, has said she and her husband turned to medical science to help conceive because Angelil, 67, had been diagnosed with cancer in 1999.

After a neck tumour was removed, he was treated with radiation and chemotherapy which are known to affect fertility. Angelil's cancer went into remission.

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