The former U.S secretary of state and Alberta’s premier spoke about affordable energy, environment and hockey — yes, hockey — at a meeting held in the city yesterday.

Condoleezza Rice was in the city to speak at a dinner at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, but before the formal presentation she met with Premier Ed Stelmach for an hour-long visit — a half-hour longer than scheduled, Stelmach said.

“She is a very warm woman but certainly a woman of intellect. She shared a lot of her knowledge of world events,” Stelmach said, adding they spoke about affordable energy, the environment and growing the economy.

“We also talked about Alberta’s position within Canada and carbon capture … She is impressed with what we’ve done with the environment.” Stelmach said.

Rice then invited the premier to visit her at Stanford University, where she now teaches after leaving the White House.

But it wasn’t all business, he added.

“Dr. Rice asked me, ‘Are the Calgary Flames going to come back next year?’ ... We put our money on the Chicago Blackhawks and Washington Capitals in the final.”

Rice was the keynote speaker in a $500-a-plate University of Calgary launch gala for the School of Public Policy.

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