Security staff for Premier Ed Stelmach were on high alert at his first annual pancake breakfast after an attempted pie attack at the Calgary Stampede.

Three layers of security encircled the premier yesterday as he flipped pancakes and shook hands with residents gathered at the city’s Capital Ex celebration.

The enhanced security detail included city police on bicycles, provincial sheriffs and plain-clothes security staff. No pies were thrown.


“We were aware that the possibility (for protesters) existed and we wanted to make sure that the premier’s Capital Ex breakfast was a pie-free zone,” said Tom Olsen, a spokesman for the premier’s office.

The extra security, however, did have to escort two activists to a cordoned off area as they tried to display a banner that read, “Canada’s tar sands fueling U.S. oil addiction,” in front of the premier.

A man dressed in a Batman-like outfit, calling himself No Tarsands Man, also appeared, but police immediately detained him as he sprung from the crowd. Security later had to pull well-known activist Mike Hudema of the Tarsands Action Group out of a press conference when he posed as a reporter.

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