Premier Dalton McGuinty is refusing to bow to opposition pressure to cancel his trip to Mexico in support of the 2015 Pan Am Games today and instead stay in Ontario to oversee the continued rollout of the H1N1 vaccine.

McGuinty said yesterday the vaccination plans were well underway and have improved markedly from the chaotic scene last week that saw pregnant women and children waiting in line for hours — at times only to be turned away.

The Pan Am bid “is important, and I have confidence in our health officials,” McGuinty said.

“Our delivery programs are in a better place today than they were last week, and I have confidence that things are only going to get better.”

The opposition parties want McGuinty to stay in the province during the crisis to show he’s taking his responsibilities as premier seriously.

“If there is a crisis, the premier should be in the province,” said Progressive Conservative critic Norm Miller.

“It would make sense for him to cancel his trip.”

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, whose hometown of Hamilton would benefit from a winning Pan Am bid, acknowledged the vote Friday was important, but added the swine flu is “something the premier needs to be on top of as well.”

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