Objecting to Toronto’s efforts to restrict airport limousines from picking up fares within city’s limits, Premier Dalton McGuinty stepped into the fray to allow the practice.

While defending the good working relationship Queen’s Park has with City Hall, McGuinty’s government unilaterally made a regulation change July 30 to the City of Toronto Act.

“I can say that even a cursory review of our relationship with the City of Toronto would demonstrate that we have worked well and hard with them to provide them with more authority, more funds and just to strike a more productive and cooperative relationship,” McGuinty told reporters in Ottawa yesterday.

Toronto politicians are fuming over the provincial government’s move, which came with little warning.

“It was totally out of the blue,” said Councillor Howard Moscoe, chair of city council’s licensing committee. “We’ve been stabbed in the back by Dalton McGuinty and the provincial government.”
Airport travellers will see no change.

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