Stelmach stands by lawsuit threats

Premier Ed Stelmach’s personality is still in the hands of a young blogger and he has no regrets about hiring a team of lawyers to get it back.

The premier defended his decision to threaten a lawsuit against Dave Cournoyer yesterday, a university student who owns the rights to


The 24-year-old is facing potential legal action for the "misappropriation" of Stelmach’s personality through owning the Internet address and having it redirect to his left-leaning blog.

"I’m from the school that your name is your name," Stelmach told reporters yesterday. "And if some people want to use it to their advantage, well, I guess you learn through the process and you have to do whatever you do to protect your name, which mom and dad gave to me for free."

He added that the matter is an issue of property rights and he believes Cournoyer registered the domain name strictly for partisan reasons.

"He’s very political and very politically savvy," he said of the student, a former communications coordinator for the Alberta Liberal party.

While further legal action is still pending, Ron Glen, the premier’s chief of staff, also phoned the blogger this week in an attempt resolve to the matter quietly.

Cournoyer has said that he’s still weighing his options, but he purchased the domain for $14, about four months after Stelmach became Alberta’s premier.

Since he went public with his story, fellow bloggers have posted hundreds of messages in support of his cause, calling it a "David versus Goliath" political battle.

He’s been interviewed by dozens of media outlets and invited to speak at a Rotary Club function.

public on his side?

  • Stelmach said yesterday that he has bigger issues to deal with but he believes the public is still on his side since "a name is a name."

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