For those thinking an expensive vacation is out of the question this year, camping is a fun and affordable vacation for the entire family.

Preparing for a camping vacation can seem like a daunting task, especially if you and your family are first-time campers, but it doesn’t have to be.

Below is a list to ensure nothing is forgotten and that your camping trip is safe and memorable:

• Think through activities you’ll be participating in and pack what you’ll need accordingly.

• Pack any bottles of previously opened sundries like shampoo or insect repellent in sealed plastic bags so that if they leak, they won’t ruin anything else.

• When packing bags, consider the order in which you’ll need items and arrange them accordingly.

• To minimize creasing, roll your clothes instead of folding them.

• Always stuff your tent back into its storage bag. Don’t fold it as creases from folds can weaken fibres. Same applies to sleeping bags. Folding and rolling your sleeping bag in the exact same manner each time will create creases and cold spots in the insulation.

• Always air out a tent before putting it away to prevent staining from mildew.

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