We can all remember spending hours looking through the pages of old family photo albums. As we flipped through the pages, the pictures answered a curious desire to learn more about loved ones. But unless you were looking at familiar faces, or being told accompanying stories, these albums were not

always exciting.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Black's, 44 per cent of snap happy Canadians take over 250 photos a year. If you are one of those who loves capturing life's special moments, then sharing your photos is as exciting as snapping the memory. To showcase these memorable moments,

consider creating a photo book that will help tell your story.

“Photo books are great for preserving and sharing our family's memories,” says Erica Ehm, founder and editor-in-chief of YummyMummyClub.ca. “I treasure the time we spent together, and look forward to revisiting these books with my kids when they are older, and maybe even with my grandkids one day.”

For some, printing photos and storing them in a shoe box will suffice. But it's important to remember that regular print memories run the risk of getting lost over the years or mixed together with pictures from different moments. There is comfort in knowing that a photo book organizes your photos

and helps keep them safe.


Using services such as Black's PhotoBook design service, makes it easy to preserve your memories. Simply upload the images to their website and they will design the layout for you, compiling the memories to tell a story and preserve them in a way that will make it enjoyable for anyone to flip


More information on preserving your memories can be found online at www.blacks.ca.

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